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Industrial / Manufacturing

Business Imperatives
  • Improve Operational Performance
  • Reinvent Customer Experience
  • Grow New Sources of Revenue

Integrated, analytics-driven enterprise planning, supply chain management and production execution.
Integrate information across multiple channels and use sophisticated analytical tools to define a 360 degree view of the customer.
Use Design Thinking to create new markets Digital transformation through using Advanced Analytics

Telecom, M&E

Business Imperatives
  • Improve Loyalty & Advocacy
  • Increase Speed & Agility, Reduce Cost

Apply insights about business and customers across the enterprise, with solutions for subscribers, enterprise customers, audience/content analytics. Design outstanding personalized engagement using the IBM Design methodology. Deliver this new customer experience with solutions supporting selling, marketing, service and support powered by Customer Insight.
Enable transformation of IT (delivery and consumption) to reduce costs and increase service of traditional, cloud, and dynamic hybrid IT infrastructures providing a foundation for innovation.

Retail / Consumer

Business Imperatives
  • Customer engagement
  • Create differentiated offerings
  • Transform operations

Collect and analyze internal and external information to gain insight into shopping patterns and consumer preferences. Use insight to infer buying behavior and build strategies to become more relevant to consumers.
Streamline planning, management and execution, as well as advertising, marketing, and merchandising, to connect with each customer based upon their preferences, previous interactions and current behavior. Retailers can use these connected processes to drive sales through timely, personalized offers and communications.
Seamlessly interact and transact across all touch points to deliver a smarter shopping experience - one that allows customers to connect anytime, anywhere and anyhow, consistently across channels.


Business Imperatives
  • Customer Advocacy
  • Reduce Costs, Increase Agility
  • Improved Capital Adequacy Ratios

Provide a consistent, personalized and engaging customer experience beyond fulfilling the explicit needs of clients using a multi-channel architecture and driven by analytics. The superior and consistent channel user experience improves customer satisfaction, reduces costs and allows a bank to leapfrog competition.
Enable transformation of IT (delivery and consumption) to reduce costs and increase service of traditional, cloud, and dynamic hybrid IT infrastructures providing a foundation for innovation.
Provide visibility, control, and decision support to manage risks, reduce unexpected losses and sustain compliance across multiple regulations and the enterprise.


Business Imperatives
  • Reduce Costs
  • Improve Quality and Outcomes
  • Improve Individual Experience & Engagement

Provide process improvement and seamless, secure integration between highly diverse technologies to enable faster and safer throughput of patients, create more capacity through efficiencies, and contain costs for healthcare organizations to allow sustainability of healthcare economies.
Establish a standards-based, collaborative, secure environment across a hospital, care delivery enterprise or network by providing integration services between multiple infrastructures and info-structures and allow insight to operational and clinical data.
Support care delivery process transformation through mobile technologies to enable new quality of patient and clinician interaction and leverage existing investments to information technology.


Business Imperatives
  • Grow customer lifetime value
  • Improve servicing and time to market; reduce costs
  • Reduce loss costs; deliver new products and services

Improve efficiencies in channel management and enable seamless experience across channels and devices.
Optimize customer interactions, effectively manage sales performance, and seamless integrate between front and back office systems.


Business Imperatives
  • Deliver needs-based Digital Citizen Centric Experience
  • Modernize Government Operations
  • Predicting and Preventing Threats

Integrated big data analytics and insight solution that enables analyses and cross correlation on diverse structured, semi-structured and unstructured big data sets, at rest or in motion, from a large variety of sources. This provides the Defense and Intelligence Community a timely, actionable and cost-effective intelligence for real-time decision support based on reliable target (person or entity of interest) and mission data. This also enables contextual threat analysis and the ability to harness and utilize third party data for extended analyses

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Findability Sciences

"Can you predict future event for your business, operation and customers and act on it before it happens? Findability Platform® combines big data, cognitive and machine learning capabilities to generate 360° profile of each customer and provide future prediction using multi-model solution based on machine – Dr Mo, world’s first automatic statistician from Findability Sciences serves BFSI, Retail, Healthcare, Agriculture, Higher Education, Government organizations, Media & communications and Not-For-Profit organizations."


For any problem that involves analysing images and extracting valuable information from it, Staqu can provide a solution. Currently, we are caramelizing our research papers with the engineering brilliance of our team to churn our super awesome products for all our partners. Some of them include face recognition, gesture recognition, emotion recognition, pose estimation, intruder detection and more.


Preterm mortality is highest in India owing to manual errors and late detection of disease onset in NICU. Delay in child immunization can have serious health hazards.  iNICU and iCHR is a complete child healthcare solution offering  NICU device integration, operational automation, big data analytics, mobile children health records and parents portal


ShepHertz endeavor is to make App developers successful on the Cloud, irrespective of the technology or platform on which they are developing. All our products focus on making App developer’s life easy and augment their business.


99RetailStreet is a Common Commerce platform on Cloud targeted to capture real time information from the large unorganized retail segment. Using Cloud and Analytics, the 99RetailStreet solution captures and pushes near real time data to Manufacturers, Distributors, Banks, Digital Media Companies, Cards and Wallet issuers from final point of sale at unorganised retail (“Kiranas”).


Khemeia, the Artificial Intelligence software from Stelae Technologies, automates the entire transformation process and delivers much more than that. It systematically extracts and semantically tags meta-data, it structures and hierarchically organizes information, generates Table of Contents and converts them to XML-based outputs – all in real-time. Khemeia creates structured content from Paper and PDF, Word, ASCII, OCR (Optical Character Recognition), RTF, Excel, CSV, SGML, QuarkExpress, Adobe InDesign and HTML. Khemeia is currently implemented at major enterprise and public sector entities across many verticals.